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                                             Hunslet Warriors Code Of Conduct


  • Respect all good play, whether from your team or the opposition. Shake hands with, and thank, the opposition players and officials after the game – win, lose or draw.

  • Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit

  • ALWAYS respect the referee’s decision.

  • NEVER become involved in acts of foul play

  • Care for and respect the facilities and equipment made available to you during competition and training

  • Safeguard your health; don’t use any illegal or unhealthy substances

  • Recognise that many officials, coaches and referees are volunteers who give up their time to provide their services. Treat them with the utmost respect.

  •                                                             Coach


  • Show concern and caution towards all sick and injured players. Follow the advice of a doctor and/or sports trainer to the letter when determinActively discourage foul play and/or unsportsmanlike behaviour by players

  • Seek to maximise the participation and enjoyment of all players regardless of ability; avoid the tendency to over-use a talented player; treat all players as equals, regardless of their talent

  • Show concern and caution towards all sick and injured players. Follow the advice of a doctor and/or sports trainer to the letter when determining when an injured player is ready to return to training/play.

  • Teach players that an honest effort and competing to the best of their ability is as important as victory

  • Maintain appropriate, professional relationships with players at all time

  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the Laws of the Game and keep abreast of current coaching methods

  • Always consider the health, safety and welfare of the players

  • As coach, conduct yourself at all times in a manner, and in all situations, that shows leadership, respect for the game of Rugby League and respect for all those that are involved in the game – the players, officials, the fans, the parents, the referees and the media

  • As a coach you have a particular responsibility to ensure that, through your words and actions, you strive to build the positive character of your players as well as their skills

  • REMEMBER, be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity, and always promote sportsmanship over gamesmanship



  • Condemn all violent or illegal acts, whether they are by players, coaches, officials, parents or spectators

  • Respect the referee’s decision

  • BEHAVE! Unsportsmanlike language, harassment or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated

  • Respect the decision of the coaches. They are volunteers, they give up their own time.

  • Remember that as a spectator you are there to spectate, not to coach.

  • Encourage players to play by the rules and to respect opposition players and officials

  • Never ridicule or scorn a player for making a mistake – respect their efforts

  • Understand that sport is part of a total life experience, and the benefits of involvement go far beyond the final score of a game

  • Participate in positive cheering that encourages the team you are supporting

  • REMEMBER that children participate in Rugby League for their own enjoyment, not yours!

  • At all times, follow the directions of the Touch Line Manager

  • Never arrive at a Junior league game under the influence of alcohol, never bring alcohol to a Junior League game and only drink alcohol, if it is available, in a responsible manner in the designated licensed area


Hunslet Warriors Junior Section and Club